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Arbil, Iraq tops the league by beating Najaf     25/03/2014 11:38:04 PM

Issued Erbil list Iraqi League football after winning the afternoon on the team Najaf two goals to one goal in a meeting deferred from competitions the first stage of the tournament his tally to 27 points and goal difference for teams of Talaba and Baghdad club who possess the monitoring itself.
Najaf and stayed Brshehadh previous 14 points in the center of the 13 Standings .
 The team finished the first half ahead of Arbil two goals came first by friendly fire after chaos in front of goal after 4 minutes, put her defender Najaf Gaspe Sultan OG added veteran international Hawar Mulla Mohammed Arbil second goal in the 38th minute of the match .
He succeeded player Najaf professional Nigerian Ahmed Kalou to reduce the difference at 52 minutes of the meeting, which has not seen other targets after conservative players Arbil on their defenses as well as on the losing them several easy opportunities to increase their balance of goals while not able players Najaf in tie despite some attempts , which pushes towards the goal of their competitors .